Baufeld V

Baufeld V, the setting for meanwhile use and for dialogue between neighbourhood, educational and cultural institutions and future residents. The basic idea of the 'intercultural mosaic' is embedding in the social environment.

Baufeld V is programmatic: before construction work on the METROPOLENHAUS Am Jüdischen Museum starts, smaller scale interventions will provide a taste of the larger project. A fence painted in striking colours and featuring information boards will function as both temporary architecture and a means of communication. From June 2014 up to the start of construction in summer 2015, Baufeld V will be the setting for meanwhile use, stimulating dialogue and already hinting at the future project rooms, shops and restaurants. A cooperative project with Kurt-Schumacher elementary school 'Kreuzberg hockt' - Kreuzberg squats - is one example. Concept and implementation of interim use formats: Chemaitis Donndorf Design.

8 Kiez-Positionen à 5 Minuten

At the closing ceremony of the ‘Südliche Friedrichstadt entdecken’ exhibition at IG Metall-Haus on 15 January 2015, eight speakers from the neighbourhood were present, and gave their very own impression of their 'Kiez', tinted by their own perspectives and experiences.  …>>


At the exhibition 'Südliche Friedrichstadt entdecken', at the IG Metall-Haus in Berlin-Kreuzberg, the results of the 'Kreuzberg hockt' project were exhibited from 13 November 2014 to 15 January 2015. …>>

Kreuzberg hockt

In cooperation with Kurt-Schumacher elementary school, the socio-cultural platform 'METROPOLENHAUS_Intercultural Mosaic' staged a project: supported by the craft education programme of 'Pestalozzi-Fröbel-Haus' (PFH) and under the expert guidance of craft teacher Michael Etienne, pupils of the 5th and 6th classes designed and built objects on which to sit, squat, repose or sprawl. …>>

Open Air Bar

An open-air bar as a venue for communication. Passers-by, neighbours, established and new local players as well as future residents of the house …>>